The MS Wellness Run raises money to provide services and assistance to people living with multiple sclerosis.  

The difference you make

  • Just some of the examples of what MS Wellness Run Fundraising helps to pay for are: employment support
  • ensuring the living arrangements are met by ensuring their practical in-home needs are met
  • referrals, advice and information on the latest breakthroughs and treatments    
  • emotional support and focus on the individual’s and their family’s well-being.

By fundraising as part of the event, you will be helping to enable people living with MS to get the support they need to live well and ensure that no one has to face MS alone.

MS Wellness Run registration fees only cover the logistics of the event. 

Top 4 Fundraising Tips


Firstly, don’t forget to ask about Matched Giving.  Double your dollars and make twice the impact. Did you know that 70% of employers will match the donation you make? This is a great way to reach your goal so talk to your HR department today.

1.    BBQ


Who doesn’t love a sausage sizzle? Many local businesses and large hardware stores will allow charity groups to hold a sausage sizzle outside their stores. Or get your local sports team involved and see if you can take over their BBQ for the day!  Remember to approach your local stores for donations of sausages and bread. 

2.    Trivia night 


Every pub or venue has a quiet night. Try approaching your local and see if they will get behind you. Most will be able to offer you an area or a room.  A great idea is to offer clues in return for extra donations or hold a raffle during the break on the night.  Everyone pays a small donation at the door.  For extra credit, the bar can donate a portion of proceeds of drinks and food sold.

3.    Clothing / Grooming challenge


Who doesn’t like forcing their mates to look a little bit ridiculous? Why not put it to your friends that you will wear something a little crazy (and safe of course) during your training sessions or on event day, if you reach a certain amount of fundraising? Or you could shave your head for money – and you will be aerodynamic!

4.    Casual Day


You’d be amazed by the length’s folks bound to a professional dress code will go to just for the chance to ditch their slacks and wear jeans to the office. Give the top fundraiser a month of Casual Days or offer the top five fundraisers an extra Casual Day each week for a month.

If you need advice or assistance to reach your fundraising goals, contact us on 1300 733 690 or email Our fundraising team is always here to help you on this run to fight MS.